Program 4

Program 4: Management and Accountability

Goal: Extend/promote all benefits to South Australians arising from fishery related Research and Development projects.

Strategic Priorities

  • Promote a shared vision among all fishing industry stakeholders of a soundly planned future for South Australia’s marine resources.
  • Focus the attention of R&D providers on projects that are consistent with that vision.
  • Maintain a clear, methodical and transparent system to translate R&D priorities into endorsed projects and have them funded.
  • Maintain and enhance linkages to collaborative bodies (such as  FRDC subprograms, SAPIRDB, SIDB, R&D and science policy coordinators and contractors, on a State and National basis) to help identify and fund important R&D programs.

Targeted Priorities

  • Raise the profile of the FRAB and generate a value on FRAB endorsement.
  • Increase resources available to the FRAB.
  • Maintain a long-term (strategic) R&D plan.
  • Maintain an effective, all-inclusive and transparent project development protocol.
  • Identify, promote and develop links to all possible funding sources.
  • Influence all possible funding sources to maximise financial leverage in fullest support of endorsed projects.